Ad Illustration Sketches

Apple Illustration Thumb

Continuing with the black and white ad illustration series I worked on for the Swedish Ad Agency called Forsman and Bodenfors, or F&B,

Here are more of many drawings for various ads promoting the Swedish pension company, AMF.

AMF is one of Sweden’s leading pension companies and one of the largest owners on Nasdaq OMX Nordic Stockholm.

The second and third ads were similar, again utilizing the effective black and white illustrations I’ve come to be known for. We started by developing the concepts with sketch work. I always do my sketches with the crystal Bic ball-point pen, medium point, black ink. I like the way it handles, and have been using it since way before I picked up the technical fountain pen. So, here are the sketches for ad 2, and what we ended up with:

Man Ad Illustration Sketch

Lady Ad Illustration Sketch

Man Woman Ad Layout

As with ad 2, the third ad is conveying the idea that life is much easier to handle when you are with a secure investment partner (AMF). The imagery in this ad was a bit more involved, and interesting. The juggling figure got to toss all kinds of objects before we settled on the final version! Again, two sketches, and the finished ad #3:

Juggle Ad Illustration Sketch

Apple Ad Illustration Sketch

Juggler Ad Layout

There are more to come in this series— I hope you’ll continue to read of my adventures in ad illustration. Ciao for now!

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