Engraving Style Illustrations

Andrew Jackson Thumbnail Color Illustration

This week, it’s all about money. You might say The Art of Money. I get a lot of requests for engraving style illustrations. I’m sharing a few images with you from various projects along the illustrated way.

Engraving Style Illustrations - Alexander Hamilton

This was an assignment from the Chicago Tribune. Things at the time (2004) were looking bullish, I suppose, so the editors wanted an upbeat monetary image. This black-and-white illustration was dropped into the ten-dollar bill design in place of the actual Hamilton portrait.

Engraving Style Illustrations - Arab Washington

Time magazine called me for a cover illustration on very short notice. I duly dropped everything I was working on to focus like a laser-beam on this piece. Too bad for me, the news interrupted, and this cover was bumped for a more pressing event, then unfolding. That’s the news biz!

Engraving Style Illustration - Andrew Jackson

This time, a more straightforward take on the currency theme. This color illustration of Andrew Jackson was featured in a department store ad announcing a $20. discount program.

Lastly, something more off the wall… Unfortunately, I have forgotten which magazine published this terrific photo:

Stephen Colbert Tattoo Image

My part was to do the tattoo art. Different, huh? I’m a big fan of Mr. Colbert, so was very pleased to pitch in. Here’s the art:

Engraving Style Illustration - Stephen Colbert Tattoo

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