Engraved Image – Show Me The Money

Engraved Image Illustration - FDR

This time, more on the art of currency. My work is all about detail. And, in the illustration field, there’s nothing more detailed than the engraved image. I create a lot of the Wall Street Journal hedcut portraits, for which I’m known, but I also get assignments involving the art of money. Although not strictly a currency design, the client who commissioned the Roosevelt portrait above requested that the illustration be made to look like an engraving.

Once, I was hired to duplicate a small portion of the one-dollar bill for Luxor, the Las Vegas casino.

Engraved Image Illustration - Pyramid

Believe it or not, this illustration was printed on a huge banner and hung from the casino’s facade! Wish I had a picture of that…

Sports Illustrated commissioned this image of a famous (and wealthy) golfer:

Engraved Image Illustration - Tiger Woods

Note the not-so-subtle product endorsement.

Another interesting casino project found me conjuring up a few U.S. presidents, with a twist.

Engraved Image - Washington, Lincoln, Madison

The ornate headgear indicates that these gents have struck it rich! I drew the background texture to give the impression of an engraved image. This was a lot of fun to produce, and was used on billboards in Vegas, as I recall.

Engraved Image Illustration - Billion Dollars

Well, I have to go now, down to the printing-press in the basement… (wink, wink!)

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