Worth Doing Again | Hedcut Portrait Style

Palmer Hedcut Portrait Style  Illustration

A few decades ago, I created the Wall Street Journal Hedcut portrait style, and to this day I am very busy producing this type of illustration for various clients worldwide. But in recent years, I have been steadily engaged at Worth, a financial magazine, creating many, more full-bodied, individual and group portraits. I’ll share a few of them with you to let you in on what I’ve been up to…

Hedcut Portrait Style Illustration

This is the uncropped illustration. I like the bold expressiveness of his pose.

Sometimes, I am inclined to “tighten up” some the the original reference I receive from my colleagues at Worth. I was given this photo, with the instructions to substitute the fourth figure’s face with another photo—- you can see how I stitched the new face onto the existing image.

Original Group Photo

I thought these gents were taking up too much room, so I did this…

Re-arranged Group Photo

Having set up my composition, I proceeded to the finished hedcut portrait style illustration:

Quartet Hedcut Portrait Style  Illustration

Here are a couple more group portraits in hedcut illustration style to conclude this post— thanks for reading!

Trio Hedcut Portrait Style Illustration

Group Hedcut Portrait Style Illustration

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