Double Portrait – Stipple Art

The Art of the Double Portrait This time, it’s a selection of Double Portraits I have created over the years, in the Wall Street Journal hedcut style, sometimes referred to as stipple portraits. I think of the technique as closer to an … Continue reading

Hedcut Portrait Illustrations – Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation

Hedcut portrait illustrations are extremely versatile and the range of clients who benefit from a portrait in the hedcut illustration style are as varied as they are interesting. I have worked with Jim Guerard at for a number of … Continue reading

Author Portraits in the WSJ Hedcut Style

WSJ Hedcut Style portraits are great for authors and I’ve created quite a few of them for many different authors over the years. Recently, I received an email from a client of mine announcing the publication of his new book, The … Continue reading

Presidential Portrait Illustration

Presidential portrait illustration can capture a reflection of our nation as much as present an image of our President. I thought the President gave a strong speech tonight. I am hopeful that the opposition party will back him against our … Continue reading