Author Portraits in the WSJ Hedcut Style

Edna Portrait WSJ Hedcut Style

WSJ Hedcut Style portraits are great for authors and I’ve created quite a few of them for many different authors over the years.

Recently, I received an email from a client of mine announcing the publication of his new book, The Education of a Value Investor.

The Educated Investor

It got me to thinking about the various authors I have portrayed in my time.
Although there are doubtless many more (for later posts), here are a smattering of
the literary lights I have illustrated:

Edna Saint-Vincent Millay ( for Reader’s Digest )

Edna Portrait in the WSJ Hedcut Style

G.K. Chesterton ( a hedcut for WSJ )


George Orwell ( another WSJ hedcut )

Orwell Portrait in the WSJ Hedcut Style

Matthew May is the author of THE LAWS OF SUBTRACTION: 6 Simple Rules for Winning in the Age of Excess Everything. He’s also written three previous, award-winning books: The Elegant Solution, In Pursuit of Elegance, and The Shibumi Strategy. This is the WSJ Hedcut style portrait he commissioned.

Matthew May Portraits in the WSJ Hedcut Style

The Author of the new book aforementioned is Guy Spier. Guy is an investment adviser. Here is the photo I was given to work with.

Guy Spier

And here is the result of my labors:

Guy Spier Portraits in the WSJ Hedcut Style

One thought on “Author Portraits in the WSJ Hedcut Style

  1. Dear Mr. Sprouls,

    My name is Nikollas and I have just found your illustration of Chesterton. Congratulations for it and all your work.

    Chesterton, as a catholic, is being subject of a canon process, after witch, he may be declared a Saint by the Hole See.

    It happens that this investigation is in the Prayer Cards time, when we can print cards for people to pray for him and you work would be perfect for that purpose.

    So, I decided to write you and ask for your permission for use it in those cards, to be distributed around the world. That is a matter of faith, I work for free, in gratitude for that wise and holy man, and that is why I must anticipate I cannot afford your work. Of course I will not sell it and make any profit, that is against the whole idea.

    I will understand if you can not authorize your work for that purpose, I am not aware of legal issues. Whatever be your answer, thanks for that beautiful image of one of my greatest inspiration, Gilbert Keith Chesterton.

    If you are interested in check the information above, please follow the link to the The Atlantic article witch, as you may see, uses a beautiful but not proper illustration for a Holy Prayer Card!

    Also, the printable Prayer Cards made are very poor, as you may see in the Chesterton London Society.

    Chesterton deserves more, much more, and that’s why I am sending you that message.

    Thanks anyway and God bless you for that marvelous work.

    Best regards,

    Nikollas Ramos
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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