Hedcut Portrait Illustrations – Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation

Hedcut Portrait Illustrations - Harry

Hedcut portrait illustrations are extremely versatile and the range of clients who benefit from a portrait in the hedcut illustration style are as varied as they are interesting.

I have worked with Jim Guerard at Guerard.com for a number of years.
He is a talented designer who has as a client the California Indian tribe known as
the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation.

Jim has hired me over the years to create portraits of the tribe in the hallmark WSJ
hedcut style that I pioneered years ago at the Journal. Many of the portrait
illustrations went into a memorial tribute wall installation. Here is one of them, and
a shot of the finished pieceā€¦

Hedcut Portrait Illustrations - Indian

Tribute Wall

Aside from these hedcut type portraits, I have been commissioned to create some
more, full-figure portraits of a few of these nation members, along the lines of what
I do for Worth magazine these days. Here they are:

Full-figure Illustration - Francis

Full-figure illustration - Harry

Full-figure portrait illustration - Buela

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