Haunting Illustration – Have a Frightful Halloween

‘Tis the time of year to share tales of fright and, in my line of work, the occasional haunting illustration to drive the point… home, as it were. Enjoy these illustrations of the horrific and enjoy your Halloween. A few … Continue reading

How To Illustrations – Magic and Music

Music and magic are really just to sides of the same coin. Magic offers some amazing opportunities for how to illustrations as an illustration can remove the distractions of the real world and help focus on the action in the … Continue reading

Portrait Illustrations | More Musicians

Continuing the theme of musicians I’ve portrayed in portrait illustrations over the years, here’s a new batch of images from this fan to you… Published in the New Yorker, from the 90’s. These are dynamic players! I enjoyed the challenge of capturing … Continue reading

Stipple Portrait Illustrations | Musicians

This time, I am profiling some notable musicians that I have illustrated in WSJ style stipple portraits. I am a pretty heavy-duty music fan, so creating these portraits was a labor of love. Back in the nineties, I was commissioned most … Continue reading