Haunting Illustration – Have a Frightful Halloween

‘Tis the time of year to share tales of fright and, in my line of work, the occasional haunting illustration to drive the point… home, as it were. Enjoy these illustrations of the horrific and enjoy your Halloween.


A few years ago, I worked for a Canadian magazine called “TORO”. They assigned me a few quite interesting assignments, one of which was to illustrate a “Horrorscope”. Here is the banner I created for the page heading:

Horror Banner

A few of the nasty astrological houses were represented thusly… Haunting Illustration - Aquarius

Haunting Illustration - Capricorn

Haunting Illustration - Sagittarius

To end on a scary note, here is a book cover illustration I created for a Young Adult series titled “The Raven Club”. It must have been a working title, as I can’t locate the books on Amazon!

Haunting Illustration - Ravenclub

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