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Patti Smith Thumb illustration

Continuing the theme of musicians I’ve portrayed in portrait illustrations over the years, here’s a new batch of images from this fan to you…

Portrait Illustration Guarini Quartet

Published in the New Yorker, from the 90’s. These are dynamic players! I enjoyed the challenge of capturing their gusto in stipple portraits.

Portrait Illustrations Thompson Twins

A hedcut style illustration published in the Wall Street Journal, while I was in-house illustrator there… Club music was the rage at the time — 1980’s. Their music did grace my halls in the days when my kids were dancing ‘round the living room!

Portrait Illustrations

This illustration was also published in the WSJ. As I recall, it featured this artist in an A-hed (middle-column) article on page one. Guess you could say the times were a bit different back then… (sigh!)


I had an interesting assignment from Playboy magazine a few years ago, where they were featuring celebrity haberdashery. The Keith Richards portrait was a challenge in that I was trying to convey his eyes through shaded glasses.

Portrait Illustrations Tom Waits

For the above-mentioned hat article, here’s an artist I really admire. Tom Waits was portrayed with a touch of admiration, and a dash of simpatico. I really relate to his artistic voice.

And, Now, for something completely different, I was commissioned to create an image for the iconic Patti Smith. She was on tour, and her support team were creating a tee-shirt concept for the fans. They thought it would be cool to have me interpret the “Horses” Mapplethorpe photo for their line of couture. Here it is…

Stipple Portraits Patti Smith

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