Book Illustrations for Rodale Press


A while back, I got an assignment to create some book illustrations for a book on natural agricultural practices that Rodale press was putting together. The designer, Chris Gangi, is a prominent art director with whom I had worked previously at Garden Design magazine. The project called for a series of black-and-white line illustrations to be distributed throughout the book.

Natural Advantage Book Cover

The images were straightforward and fairly simple, so, it was an easy ride for this illustrator — the kind of drawing I had already done for years. So, the following are a selection of spot illustrations taken from the book. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed creating them…



Book Illustrations | Stipple Brain Illustration

Compost Bin Stipple Illustration for Book

Natural Cycle Stipple Book Illustration




Book Illustrations | Stipple Spade Illustration








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