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Jeremiah | Portrait of a Chef | Stipple Art I am pleased to present a Portrait of a Chef.

I know a couple of true-genius chefs. One of them is Jeremiah Tower. Today is Jeremiah’s Birthday, and I raise a glass of Reisling to him as I write. Salutations to you, Mr. Tower!

I was inspired to create two portraits of this Master Artist of the Culinary…

Jeremiah | Portrait of a Chef

The writer, John Birdsall, has a great piece on Jeremiah in a recent post on “eater”:

an excerpt…

“At Stars, just as across town at his Balboa Café, and at his Santa Fe Bar and Grill in Berkeley, Tower’s food was magnificent. It had that low-slung, open-shirted, carelessly feathered appeal, like the people who were young and rich in California at that moment, the zenith of Ronald Reagan’s glory. Stars was the bump of white-sand coke snorted off a lacquered table on some department store heiress’s yacht in Tiburon, with lobsters on the grill, Montrachet chilling in a platinum bucket.”

That puts me in mind of some lobsters I’ve illustrated, like these:

Lobster Pot | Stipple Art

Being a lover of food, I like taking on various assignments where the still-life of a delightful dish is needed…

Food Spot Illustration | Stipple Art

Jeremiah Tower was very recently announced by the prestigious Tavern on the Green in New York City as their new Head Chef. Can’t wait to go!


Here is the second portrait image of a Great Chef— Happy Birthday, My Friend!

Jeremiah | Portrait of a Chef | Stipple Art


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