Spot Illustrations | Stipple Drawings of Birds

Spot Illustration | Stipple Dove Drawing

This week, I’m talking about our fine-feathered friends, and the imagery they inspire. I worked on a small series for the Canadian magazine, “TORO” a few years back. Here are some spot illustrations from that project…

Spot Illustrations | Partridge

Spot Illustrations | Pheasant Stipple Drsawing

Spot Illustrations | Quail Stipple Drawing

Bird portrait art can be interesting, too:

Mr Eagle | Stipple Illustration

Stipple Bird Portrait | Spot Illustration

The two characters above show how feathers can be handled in the pen and ink stipple technique.

In a more engraved, woodcut style, here is a flying eagle ready for landing…

Eagle | Stipple Illustration

So, having drawn my share of feathers and wings, I was prepared to create an illustration from the imagination, and here it is:

Flying Phone | Color Illustration

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