Stipple Spot Illustration

Stipple spot illustration works very well. The stipple process can really bring a new and interesting dimensions to many kinds of spot illustrations.

Recently, I had the pleasure of creating some images for a company called Merkle.

Merkle is the largest privately-held customer relationship marketing agency and the fastest growing agency of any discipline in the U .S for 2013.

I cannot share with you how they appeared in situ, but I can at least show you the b&w
illustrations I created for them in their own light.

First, a WSJ style hedcut portrait of one of the executives …

WSJ Style Hedcut Portrait

What follows is a series of spot illustrations – I’m feeling these were intended metaphorically …

Stipple Spot Illustration - Binoculars

Stipple Spot Illustration - Wallet

The wallet was particularly challenging, as, let’s face it, your average men’s wallet can be fairly nondescript.

Stipple Spot Illustration - Stones

I got into this one, as I have practiced erecting stone towers just like this in various locations. Connemara in Ireland comes to mind, and the dolmens one can find all over the Emerald Isle.

Stipple Spot Illustration - Pyramid

And, speaking of erecting stone structures … the above is the pinnacle, I suppose, of the stonecrafter’s art.

Stipple Spot Illustration - pillows

I leave you with a soft landing, until next time …

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