WSJ Hedcut Portrait Illustrations

Over the past few years, I have had the pleasure of creating WSJ hedcut portrait illustrations on a larger scale for a Canadian Design firm called Squareknot.

The campaign consists of a series of hedcut style portraits, created by yours truly. They are framed and presented to esteemed honorees in recognition of their accomplishments.

Aside from illustrating the portraits, I am tasked with a bit of lettering work at the base of each image. Here is a selection of the portrait illustrations. These represent an expanded version of the stipple drawing, Wall Street Journal portraits I pioneered years ago…

Bruce Kerr | WSJ hedcut portrait illustrations

WSJ hedcut portrait Illustrations | Elizabeth Morgan

WSJ hedcut portrait Illustrations | Michael Kline

WSJ Hedcut Portraits | Shelina Kara

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  1. Wonderful, but you know that. I’ll email to Posy as she doesn’t do FB.
    We miss you guys!
    Love and happy days forever!


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