WSJ Images, Beyond the Hedcut, Part 1

Buffalo Bill  Thumbnail

I have a pretty good collection of stuff that I produced while at the Wall Street Journal. Aside from the straight portrait, or “hedcut” WSJ images, the paper ran a lot of illustrated common interest stories featuring various characters. What made the WSJ interesting is that it wasn’t just about the money.

Muscle - WSJ Images

Above, your man is effortlessly toning up his physique using electrical current. I believe these kinds of gadgets are still being hawked today, strangely enough.

Trucker - WSJ Images

A female farmer in her rig… and, below, another middle-American type:

Bowler - WSJ Images

Throw in an historical celebrity like Buffalo Bill Cody…

Buffalo Bill - WSJ Images

And, to spice it up how about a figure from the “old country”? Here, the modern-day thatcher.

Thatcher - WSJ Images

This has got to be a living that’s fading away. I like his expression, though. It’s always more interesting to illustrate the charismatic personality!

That’s it for now. I hope to take this up further, in the new year… Thanks for checking out my illustrations, published in the days before color printing began at The Journal.


This post is one of a three part series.

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