The Art of Demotivation, Revisited

The folks at Despair, Inc. approached me with the idea for a book: A parody of those Capitalist/Corporate handbooks that proliferate in our modern era (I think of it as The Gilded Age, v.2). They thought it might be funny … Continue reading

Logos and Graphics at The WSJ

Here are some logos and graphics from my collection of non hedcut images that I produced while at my “day job” at The Wall Street Journal. I used to think it was really cool to have a salaried position with a … Continue reading

WSJ Images, Beyond the Hedcut, Part 3

Last in a series of WSJ Images that I produced for the Wall Street Journal when I was Head of the Illustration Department there. These are departures from the hedcut type of illustration, the hallmark head and shoulders portrait that is … Continue reading

WSJ Images, Beyond the Hedcut, Part 2

More WSJ images, beyond the Hedcut that I produced while at the Wall Street Journal. Like I said, aside from the straight portrait, or “hedcut”, the paper ran a lot of illustrated common interest stories. Here is a collection of … Continue reading