Logos and Graphics at The WSJ

'B' Stipple Logotype

Here are some logos and graphics from my collection of non hedcut images that I produced while at my “day job” at The Wall Street Journal.

I used to think it was really cool to have a salaried position with a big company where my principal task was to draw pictures all day! The health insurance package that came with it was a very nice bonus I wish I had today, Dear Reader, let me tell you…

Back before the Journal started running lots of photographs, all was black & white and graphic. I miss that, and I know lots of other people do, too. So, we in the Art Department would get assignments for logos and such to embellish the columns with. Here are a handful of those…

Logos and Graphics | Cutting Red Tape

A perennial subject: Cutting the Red Tape. Nobody likes that stuff, and the topic was very hot with the anti-regulation folks.

Logos and Graphics | Stress Pencil

Kind of speaks for itself… getting the broken effect was important to communicate the emotion involved.

Logos and Graphics | Retailing

I always thought this was an elegant design— very simple and direct.

Logos and Graphics | Switching Careers

The other road taken.

Logos and Graphics | Broken Pipe

When things go wrong at the plant!

Logos and Graphics | B Logotype

I enjoyed working on this one. It was for the Arts page, as I recall, in an article showcasing Holiday book offerings. I ended up buying that book— it was on the History of Writing, and this is a re-drawing of a detail from it. I presume this letter acted as a typographical lead-in for the story.

That’s it for this week. Next time, we leave the Journal for more adventurous illustrations. Hope you’ll catch up with me then…

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