The Art of Demotivation, Revisited

The Art of Demotivation

The folks at Despair, Inc. approached me with the idea for a book: A parody of those Capitalist/Corporate handbooks that proliferate in our modern era (I think of it as The Gilded Age, v.2). They thought it might be funny to combine this concept of the art of demotivation with the motivational posters that “grace” the walls of numerous reception and waiting rooms around the world.

I posted about this wicked tome previously, but here are new images, previously unpublished on this blog… #2 of four in the series. Have a look, and have a laugh:

The Art of Demotivation | Failure

The Art of Demotivation | Individuality

The Art of Demotivation | Consulting

The Art of Demotivation | Motivation

The series will continue with parts 3 and 4 in follow-up posts — Thanks for reading and viewing my illustrations. I hope you had as much fun checking these out as I had drawing them.


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