The Art of Demotivation – Final Chapter

Demotivation Illustration

Last in this series of that wicked parody, “The Art of Demotivation”. These are pretty far afield from my usual task of turning out those Wall Street Journal style hedcut portraits for which I’m known. Here are more of my contributions to the book…

The Art of Demotivation | Meetings

A rather negative sentiment regarding a feature of office life that, let’s face it, no one looks forward to. Capturing the various skin tones with just black ink was the challenge here.

The Art of Demotivation | Work

Another image with water and reflections. It was fun trying to convey the swirling effect of the rowers’ paddles.

The Art of Demotivation | Blame

Here they go again, passing the buck, you might say… In the rather static black and white line technique I use, introducing motion can be tricky. In this illustration, the action is expressed by the time-lapse swooshes trailing behind the moving parts.

The Art of Demotivation | Discovery

This is a wonderful, dreamlike image, I think. The punchline brings you right back to reality!

The Art of Demotivation | Flattery

Let’s bring it to the end with this charming tableaux. Funny picture, funny quip to go along with it; but, you see a lot of this particular phenomenon occurring all over  the corporate world. The metaphor here is most direct!

I hope you enjoyed this series. Next week, something different. See you then!

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