Conceptual Art at the WSJ, Revisited

I covered the topic of conceptual art a bit back in 2012, but here are more images, new to this blog, representing conceptual illustration from The Wall Street Journal in the days before it was changed to a full-color, photograph-heavy newspaper.

On the subject of Robotic Automation…

Conceptual Art | Robot

Everyone’s heard about those people who can’t trust banks… seems like what’s old is new again!

Conceptual illustration | Money Under Mattress

Payouts to the citizenry from the state of Alaska…

Conceptual Art |  Alaska Payout

Notice the groovy background pattern— I could get pretty graphic back then.

Another image that I tried to keep very simple, to keep it direct and quick-reading:

Conceptual illustration | Climbing

Trying so hard to get to the top, and never quite getting there!

Here’s one about imitation, knock-off brands…

Conceptual Art | Counterfeit

And, to close, a still-life meditation on making the sale by sweetening the deal…

Conceptual illustration | Courtesy


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