More Conceptual Art at the WSJ

Conceptual Art

More conceptual art images here from the Wall Street Journal art archives, in the conceptual illustration category. These are new to this blog… Let’s dig in:

Conceptual Art | Stockman

After stepping down as the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (1981–1985) under President Ronald Reagan, David Stockman wrote a memoir criticizing the prevailing economic policies of the time. It was called, The Triumph of Politics: Why the Reagan Revolution Failed. This is the only characiture I’ve ever produced professionally.

Conceptual Art | Satellite Bank

This illustration conveys the idea of financial transactions being made via satellite communications.

Conceptual Art | Cash Sneakers

The business side of the running shoe enterprise.

Conceptual Illustration | Profitable Speech

Here’s a fairly complex drawing representing the industry of public speaking for profit. It’s kind of science-fiction looking. Note the guy with the collection plate.

Conceptual Art | Bank Investigation

Having a “look under the hood” of the banking industry. These days, we need a lot more of that!

Conceptual Illustration | Happy Face

Keeping up appearances at the workplace…

Conceptual Art | Tickertape

Back in the old days, machines like this told the upper classes about how their investments were fairing. Interestingly, the “ticker” graphical readout is still used today to communicate market conditions. It comes down to us from this original ticker tape machine.

More next week… stay tuned!

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