American Airlines Illustration


Shortly after I left my day job at WSJ, having established the hallmark hedcut portrait style at the newspaper, I was hired for a good bit of work on American Airlines illustration. As I recall, it started with a simple, b&w newspaper ad…

American Airlines Illustration


This was right up my alley, just a couple of fun images I got to dream up. Here are details from the ad:


Business Illustration


spot illustration


In order to achieve a decent level of density for print purposes, I made use of the cross-hatch technique, allowing almost a full tonal range from white to black. The type is hand-drawn, which I also enjoyed creating.


Next, I was commissioned for a newsletter.


Newsletter Illustration


This was a pretty intricate drawing, which got reduced to a few inches in the printed piece. Here is a detailed view from the printed version:


Detailed Illustration


Then, we went to color. A couple of ads for routes the airline was promoting at the time…


Advertising Illustration


Advertising Illustration


and details from these ads to indicate the finer points of these images:


Map Illustration


Map Illustration


One last illustration — I do not recall how this was used, but found it floating around in the American Airlines folder!


American Airlines Illustration


Next time, more work in connection with American Airlines. I hope you will join me then…

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