Spot Illustrations for Texas Monthly

Spot Illustrations

My work appears in the form of some spot illustrations for this month’s issue of Texas Monthly. As I’ve mentioned previously, magazine work appeals to me for the publicity it signifies — I like my illustrations to be seen.

These spot illustrations are fairly small in print, so I thought I would present them here in more detail…

Spot Illustrations | Wave

My feature in the magazine resembles a page in the dictionary… the dictionary of Texas slang terms. Pictured above, “the wave”. How rural Texans greet each other on the road. Below is an illustration for “blue Norther”, an allusion to the frigid blasts of Winter cold that sometimes sweep the state…

Spot Illustration | Blue Norther

Here are two sketches — one of them, “buckle bunny”, did not go to finish…

Illustration Sketches

This one’s funny: the “Johnson treatment” refers to an act of intimidation, a la LBJ, that rather tall and persuasive American president.

Spot Stipple Illustration | Johnson Treatment

Being emancipated from a wilderness area is called coming from the “pine curtain”. I pictured it like this:

Spot Illustration | Pine Curtain

Finally, a colorful expression, having your “ox in a ditch” simply means you’ve found yourself in some serious trouble, like this:

Stipple Illustration | Ox in a Ditch

Pick up a copy of this brassy ‘zine. It’s an interesting look at a fast-growing state!

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