Cover Illustration

Cover Illustrtion

Cover illustration is a special kind of art.

‘It’s a perfect reading excursion, its pages inhabited by cyber-stalkers, bereft lovers, dying crows, webless spiders, disillusioned radicals, illicit cadavers, and people treading the uncertain pathways of life, love and loss, negotiating the treacherous terrain of existence. It’s a wonderful collection of works and a triumphant return for Quarryman.’ – Donal Ryan, author of The Spinning Heart

So describes the rebirth of University College Cork’s literary magazine, which began publishing 100 years ago. My daughter attended UCC and received her Master’s Degree there in the inceptive year of their Creative Writing Master’s course offering. Bridget Sprouls has her poetry included within the pages of the resurrected “Quarryman”, and I was honored to produce the cover illustration.

Cover Illustration |Quaryman

Above is a detail of the cover. The launch happens at the culmination of the Cork World Book Fest, happening at the end of this month.

Cork World Book Fest

I’ll be a guest at this event, and am excited to attend the gala with my wife and daughter. Here is a detailed look at the illustration I created for this estimable journal:

Quarryman | Stipple Illustration

When I get back, I’ll share some impressions from my sojourn in the Ould Country.

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