More Color Illustrations for Drury University

Advertising Art

Continuing in the series of my work for this Springfield, Missouri institution, these are the most recent color illustrations. The Art Director for Drury Magazine is Don Amaye.

Cover illustrations

Following the usual pattern, I supply the client with black and white art, like this:

Black and White Illustrations

Then, the person in charge of color, Sarah Jones (who I now work with on some of my other assignments requiring color), adds a tasteful blend from her palette, as you can see here…

Color Illustrations

I think the second illustration I did for this issue, Spring 2015, is even more effective, possibly due to the animated nature of the subject. Dynamic images usually make better eye-candy. Again, my original:

Black and White Illustrations

…and the version in print with Sarah’s coloring:

Color Illustrations

It’s always good to work with the folks at Drury. I think we have a good thing going.

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