Packaging Illustration

packaging illustration

Last year, I was commissioned to create a packaging illustration for a product being introduced by the paper company, Georgia-Pacific.

The client indicated he wanted something close to a drawing I had done years ago for the Wall Street Journal. This was the piece I created at the Journal:

stipple illustration

My client highlighted the portions of this image he wanted included:

stipple art

After much manipulation and re-drawing, I was closing in on the finish…

stipple art

The only thing left to do: clean up the extraneous cogs and wheels that were serving no purpose. The final illustration looked like this…

packaging illustration

To give you an idea of the actual end-use item, here is a comp of what the client was shooting for…

packaging illustration

I admit, not very sexy. In my business it can’t be all glam and sparkle, I’m sorry to say! In any case, the pay was good, and the client very pleased… Case Closed.

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