Stipple Portraits for a Daughter and Son

Stipple Portraits

On my desk at the moment: two stipple portraits in the works for family members of my client. It brought to mind another such project I worked on a few years ago.

I’m usually drawing portraits of business people, in the technique I created for The Wall Street Journal. So, it was refreshing to get a commission from a Dad to draw his two children. In a way, this is a more fraught kind of assignment. When creating such personal artwork, the usual attention to detail and the concern for capturing the essence of the subjects is heightened.

The two portraits, otherwise known as hedcuts, came out very well, thanks in part to the striking youthful appearance of my subjects. It always makes the job easier to have such attractive people to draw…

Personal Hedcut Stipple Portraits

Stipple Portrait - Son

Stipple Portrait - Daughter

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  1. Excellent work as usual. I had sent you some info via FB Messenger a while back. I wasn’t sure you ever received it. I will understand if my timing is off; I know you are usually booked quite a bit in advance. I would still like pricing on the items I sent you for future reference. Thanks. 941-276-0511

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