Illustrated Map for Broadway Books

Cover - Lost on Planet China

A while back, I was contacted by Maria Carella at Random House, to work on a book project. The assignment called for a detailed illustrated map for the endpapers of the book, “Lost on Planet China”, by J. Maarten Troost.

We got started on a sketch…

Original Illustrated Map Sketch

It was decided, after getting input from the author, that some imagery derived from adventures in the tale was needed, so I made another sketch…

Revised Map Illustrations Sketch

The final art came out like this:

Illustrated Map

I know you want some detail on this, Dear Reader, so here is a collection of close-ups for you…

Map Illustration Closeup

Illustrated Map Section

Map Illustration Detail

Detail Of Illustrated Map

Map Illustrations Detail

Panda Illustrated Map Detail

Compass Rose Illutstration

I had fun doing this illustrated map. It was a ton of work, but the end-product was successful, and is a worthy addition to this engaging book.

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