Presidential Illustration at the WSJ, Part 1

Donald Trump - Presidential Candidate Illustration

Well, it’s Silly Season in the USA. I thought it a good idea to dig out some presidential illustration favorites from the Wall Street Journal Archive of hedcut style drawings at my studio. With all that beautiful money flowing into the coffers at CBS, MSNBC, Fox, etc., it could also be a good idea to invest in entertainment stocks.

I present to you, some executive stipple portraits I created while at the Journal years ago…

Presidential Illustration | Franklin Delano Roosevelt

First, an historical piece — that formidable figure of World War Two, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I gave him a rounded, soft vignette to lend a nostalgic touch.

Stepping from the virtuous to the infamous, here are a couple of characters that were known for their brutality:

Political Illustration | Idi Amin

Idi Amin. This one is interesting for its linear quality. It seemed to me that this more graphic treatment of the illustration would enhance an already striking pose.

Political Stipple Illustration | Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein. This, presumably, is from a time when the Iraqi President was more friendly toward The West. He could have worked on Wall Street in that suit.

Who would have figured this unassuming gent would go on to spawn Two U.S. presidents?

Presidential Illustration | Prescott Bush

Prescott Bush

And lastly, returning to the Campaign Season theme, here is a stipple portrait of one of the contenders in the flower of his youth. Yes, it’s The Donald.

Donald Trump | Stipple Political Illustration

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