Presidential Portraits – Getting Presidential at the WSJ, Part 2

Ben with Shades


More presidential portraits from the Wall Street Journal collection at my studio. In this installment, I have also included a couple of illustrations that I created for other clients, in my “moonlighting” mode!

Presidential Portraits | P W Botha

Stipple portrait of P.W. Botha, the truculent apartheid-era President of South Africa.

Presidential Portraits | Dan Quayle

Remember the guy in this presidential portrait? Can you spell “potato”? (Yes, that’s V.P. Dan Quayle, the fairly invisible partner of George Herbert Walker “Poppy” Bush.)

Presidential Portraits | Gorbachev

The Russian President, Mikhail Gorbachev, who so famously pal’d around with Ronald Reagan, setting up the dissolution of the U.S.S.R.

Presidential Portraits | Ben Franklin

I used to work for the Godin Stove Company, and illustrated a few of their rather unique wood stoves for newspaper ads. I think they were looking to promote a sale when they hired me to dress up Ben Franklin, and give him an update for this portrait. (Ok, he wasn’t a President, but, close enough!)

Lastly, I worked on a freelance project for a book cover:

P J O'rourke Book Cover

I felt a bit guilty defacing a World War Two hero, but, the drawing came out well…

Presidential Portraits | Ike

I bet you’ve never seen a portrait of President Eisenhower, complete with mohawk.

Next time, I will bring things up to date a bit in this presidential series… stay tuned!

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