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Packaging illustration can be easily overlooked. When it is at it’s best, you don’t really recognize that you have noticed it. It is everywhere though. Even artists use art for packaging. At least the smart ones do.

In the days before widespread internet use, I used to send out printed samples of my work to prospective art buyers. I designed a folder just to hold these samples.

I created two images for the  cover’s front and back. Here’s what the folder looked like… Front Cover Packaging Illustration

The front

Back Cover Packaging Illustration

The back

Inside Packaging Illustration

and here is what you would find inside: a pocket holding the printed pages of illustration samples, with tabs holding my business card.

I made the folder to fit inside of an overnight letter envelope for express shipping to the interested parties.

Here are the illustrations from the cover in detail…

Advertising illustration - bullseye

Advertising illustration - stipple art eye

This Illustration Portfolio folder worked very well until modern times caught up with me!

Now the samples and proofs are digital. Things are smother and faster this way, but there is something about holding a well crafted piece of art in your hands. Even if it’s package illustration art. I sometimes miss something about sharing illustrations as tangible objects.

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