Personal Retirement Project

Uni-thmb I just completed an engaging assignment: Illustrate your idea of Retirement. The client is Principal Financial Group. The finished illustration is now out in the social media universe, with the textual description:

How do I imagine spending my days during retirement? How about enjoying the cool ocean breeze, while I unicycle along the coast. What’s your vision for retirement?
#SeeYourRetirement #ad

I took up unicycling a few years ago, and it has become one of my favorite activities… OK, maybe a bit of an obsession!  It challenges the body and mind, and necessitates full-time, focused attention. It’s not what you’d call “Happy Hour”, as there is always the threat of crashing and burning on the pavement, as I have done many times! A photographer for the local paper, Jack Reynolds, caught me last year doing a street run…

sandpaper-photo How, you ask, does a grown man take up such an activity? Long story, but my daughter took it up in her youth, and it always looked like so much fun.


Bridget Sprouls is here riding on rough pavement, ‘walking’ her dog– This is highly advanced riding!

But… Here’s the fun part: The original art is a little different than the social media presentation, and I present it to you, here, in the original format…

Sprouls Retirement~finish

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