Recent History in Art by Kevin Sprouls, WSJ Portrait Artist

recent history in art | Einstein Thumb

This time I share recent history in art with a few portraits of characters who have colored the 20th Century…

I discovered the music of Ottorino Respighi several years ago. His “Pines of Rome”, and “Fountains of Rome” were resonant to me, having spent time in the Eternal City as a student. These beautiful masterworks were deeply felt, and inspired this piece of work that I created as a tribute. The background elements are composed of my memories of the Borghese Gardens, and I thought it apropos to give his persona a Renaissance flair with an alternate costume…

recent history in art | colored stipple portrait of Ottorino Respighi

Another large-looming figure, the spirited Brit of World War Two renown, Sir Winston Churchill: I had portrayed the man for the Wall Street Journal when I was Senior Illustrator there…

recent history in art | Stipple portrait of Sir Winston Churchill at Yalta

But, I decided I’d give him a second go-‘round:

recent history in art | colored stipple portrait of Sir Winston Churchill

Next, the pre-eminent scientist of the century, Albert Einstein

recent history in art | WSJ Portrait of Albert Einstein

So, having lent art to Politics, Music and Science, I will delve into the archives for more things to share with you, next time…

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