Time Illustrations | Sleepless in Standard Time

Illustrations of Time - Moon Thumb

Time is on my mind right now and so I present time illustrations for your consideration this week.

I don’t appreciate this Fall Back/Spring Forward thing. A universal aspiration among the people I know is to remain in Daylight Savings Time the year ‘round.

Can’t we make this happen? There would be much less sleep deprivation and disruption, surely.

Time Illustrations - Sleepless Couple

The sun would still be up later in the day, when most of us are still moving about this fair world.

Time Illustrations | Alarm Clock

Less fussing with the clocks (there’s always the one you miss, and changing the car clock? Forget about it!)

Time itself would seem more continuous and less tenuous.

Time Illustrations | Hourglass

And, finally, the venerable sundial would be a more trustworthy garden ornament.

Time Illustrations | Sundial

While the “Powers that Be” are spinning their divisive wheels in Washington, I think I’ll send off a heated petition for the Change I’m looking for, then go and catch a long, sweet power-nap. ‘Night, All!

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