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Stipple Art | Home Alone

Well, I spent the last several weeks MOVING! …my excuse for not posting to the InkRhythm blog recently. Now that the packing dust has settled, I have some holiday art to help close out this Holiday Season on a bright note.

I received a rush commission for a family portrait to be delivered before Christmas! It was an adventure trying to set up my new studio, and working surrounded by unpacked boxes and general disorder and mayhem!

Here is the finish, just in time for Christmas, 2015…

Holiday Art | Christmas Commission

At our new house on Christmas Eve, we settled in for a viewing of “Home Alone”. I understand it has become a Christmas Classic, for understandable reasons! I do miss John Candy… He was great in this flick, even in his brief role. The illustration was finished in November for the Holiday issue of Stylist magazine in Paris:


Holiday Art | Home Alone


Going from the Present to the distant Past, here is a holiday art job I did for a Hotel in Texas to announce their gala New Year’s Eve Celebration. I posed for photo-reference with my pal and colleague at the Wall Street Journal, Barbara Kelley. A tip of the hat to Elliott Banfield, who inspired the background texture. I think it’s a fun piece:


Holiday Art | Champagne

My wish is for an end to all the conflict and strife in the world today…

Holiday Art | Peace

May you have a Wonderful and Prosperous New Year, Dear Reader!

Holiday Art | Sun Stamp




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