Food Illustrations for Texas Monthly Magazine

These food illustrations for Texas Monthly Magazine and the next few posts will center on my work in the magazine field.

Having had my start at the Wall Street Journal, establishing their hallmark portrait style, it was only a matter of time before magazine art directors began calling to retain my services.

Food Illustrations | Eat Their Words

Several years ago, Texas Monthly commissioned a bunch of small “spots” to illustrate an article about a poll they ran on food trends. The magazine asked many prominent chefs various questions about where the future lay in the culinary world. Mainly, my spot illustrations portrayed the majority opinion on the preferred fare of the future (you can read as, “now”). Here is a spread of the articled as published:

Food Illustration | Texas Magazine

And following, the food illustrations, one-by-one…

Stipple Drawing Food | Quinoa

The preferred grain, Quinoa.

Stipple Food Illustration | Akaushi Grass-Fed Beef

Preferred protein: grass-fed Beef.

Stipple Illustration | indian Food

Indian Food…will be the next global cuisine craze

Foam | Food Illustration

“Foam”, the current fad most likely to fade away

Bread Illustration | Food Art

Carbs are coming back!

Raw Fish | Food Illustrations

Appetizer of the future

Stipple Illustration | Texas Wine

Positing the question of whether Texas wines would rival California’s… Respondents voted “No” 70 to 30.

Food Illustrations | Olive Oil

Will Texas olive oil rival Italian olive oil? No!… by 77 to 23. Finally there was a question about GMO foods which is more complicated than I’d like to write about here. Anyhow, here is the recombinant DNA illustration to the question…

Non GMO | DNA Stipple Illustration

Stay Tuned, and Thanks for dropping by for the read and viewing the food illustrations!

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