Beer Aficionado Portrait in the WSJ Stipple Style

Beer Aficionado Portrait Thumbnail

In a happy turn of events, this week I have a Beer Aficionado portrait done in the Wall Street Journal ‘Hedcut” stipple art style to share with you.

I received a communique a couple of weeks ago from a colorful man who is a fan of that oft-lauded beverage, Beer.

My client was Jay Brooks, a connoisseur of the hopped brew. His credentials: Brooks On Beer.

Jay also has an avid interest in commemorative days of the year. Here is a link to his exhaustive list of Holidays: The Brookston Almanac

But, I digress. Mr. Brooks asked if I might do his portrait in the WSJ hedcut style. I readily agreed to take on the project.

Here is the source photo I was given to work with:

Beer Aficionado Portrait Color Photo Source

That was all well and good, but I became concerned with the angle of the photo, and the angle of the goblet in hand. So I did a bit of prep work in Photoshop…

Beer Aficionado Portrait Grey Scale Work

In our correspondences, I came to ask Jay about that curious logo on his shirt, which I found very mysterious. He provided the following illumination:

“The logo on the shirt is essentially my logo, based on an old Babylonian god, Marduk, who was a god of brewing, among other things. It also sort of looks like my initials, which is one of the reasons I chose it about ten years ago.”

The final Art came out like this…

Jay Brooks Beer Aficionado Portrait Stipple Art WSJ Portrait

Cheers, Everyone! (and All Due Respect to Marduk!). I hope you’ve enjoyed this Beer Aficionado portrait and here’s to an early Spring…


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