Family Portraits in the WSJ style

I am occasionally commissioned to create family portraits in the stipple art style that I pioneered at the Wall Street Journal. Other times it is a little more complicated and that’s when it really gets fun. Family Portraits in the WSJ Style

I have an old friend who is what you’d call a real “Family Man”. Having done a portrait of him and his wife, I was now asked if I would draw his two, very striking, daughters. Of course, I agreed.

Out of several photos he supplied, I chose two that I thought showed each figure in her best light. This is sometimes tricky, as one must consider things such as pose, expression, and lighting. In this case, the lighting was different in each case, but I decided that I could make the two photos “hang together” by the consistency of my technique. In other words, bringing the subjects into the same drawing would minimize the disagreement in lighting of the images.

Here are the starting photos:

Family Portraits Starting Image - First Daughter

Family Portraits Starting Image - Second Daughter

When combining different photos of people, getting the size ratio right is a key consideration. I spend a lot of time working on sizing… one must find the perfect relationship in order to achieve a natural balance. After composing the two figures in Photoshop to my liking…

Family Portraits Work in Progress,

I put in the work and completed the finished piece:

Finished Art - Stipple Family Portraits - Two Dsaughters

My buddy reported that he presented the artwork to his wife on their Anniversary, and it was well-received, I’m relieved to say!

Family portraits make for rewarding work.

4 thoughts on “Family Portraits in the WSJ style

  1. Truly love your work and appreciate the portraits you’ve done of my family and I 🙂

    (I’m the girl with the short hair)

    Thank you so much!

    Kindest Regards,
    Kara Mae Adamo

  2. My wife pointed out, that with regard to the portraits you’ve created of the four of us, we are all relatively around the same age. I realized, that not only was she correct, but that she was indeed the “youngest” of the four.

    Great work as always Kev. Thanks again

    Tom, Penny & the Heartbreakers.

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