Pet Portraits | People and their Pets

Dog | Pet Portraits

People love their pets and pet portraits are popular, and challenging commissions for me.

I just did a portrait of a man and his dog for a client. The image will be used for a cannabis-based skin-care product he’s developing. It was a challenge, as the starting image was not ideal:


I had to pull a lot of detail out of thin air, as it were! Here is the finished art…

Pet Portraits | Papa Barkley

To continue this theme, I’ve taken a couple of illustrations I created for LORE magazine (Lives of Real Estate). The art director there would retain my services on a regular basis to profile various personalities from the world of realty. I would be given the story and a few photos to work with. The task for me was to create a composition reflecting the lifestyles of the subjects.

LORE | Pet Portraits

This realtor and her partner enjoyed raising livestock.

LORE | Pet Portraits

Here is a horse-lover from the city.

They were always interesting assignments, each with its own set of challenges.

Finally, an illustration I did for The Wall Street Journal:

Falconer | Pet Portraits

This was a falconer who they wrote about in one of their popular common interest features. In this art, I experimented with a textured background containing both ruled lines and stipple drawing. I enjoyed working on this piece because of the sharp lighting and interesting composition. So I signed it. Can you spot my signature?

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