My WSJ Career | Kevin Sprouls Interview With Temple U.

I was recently interviewed by a great crew sent out by my Alma Mater, Temple University on the topic of my WSJ career.

Career at WSJ | Drawing Closeup

The school is running a campaign called “World Without Temple”…

They wanted the story of how I came to create the iconic ‘hedcut’ portrait style for The Wall Street Journal, shortly after graduating from Tyler School of Art. Tyler is part of the Temple University system.

They made a terrific video:

Thanks to Angelo Fichera and Gina Benigno (interview and video), and Ryan Brandenberg (still photography).

I showed them some samples of my work from the period of my WSJ Career, including these images I did at the Journal…

Billy The Kid | My WSJ Career

Billy the Kid

FRD | From My WSJ Career

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

…and I pulled out a large print of my illustration of Temple Abroad’s school in Rome, The Villa Caproni:

Villa Caproni

I produced this image a few years ago. It appears in a previous post, Tyler and Temple Abroad, in 2008. The original hangs at the school in Rome today.

Following are some stills from the shoot. I hope my small part will help this fine institution to grow!

Studio Still from Temple U. Interview

Outside | from Temple U. Interview


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