A Couple, and a Couple of…

To mark this second day of May I give you ‘A couple and a couple of…’

Iris - a couple

I just completed a stipple illustration of this married couple.

The Connollys | A couple

‘O month when they who love must love and wed.’

-Helen Hunt Jackson

May also hosts special celebratory days. Here are a couple of humorous illustration stories about two special days…

Cinco de Mayo

Pancho Villa

I worked for a very long summer on concept illustrations for a Tequila start up.

The client never launched the business and I was left with lots of drawings about tequila, but alas no spirits.

I’m sure we are all preparing to honor and thank our mothers this Mother’s Day…


This Iris was a self-promotional piece I executed in black and white, printed as an overlay, and mounted over a colored pencil and watercolor background on board.  Irises were prolific in my mother’s garden.  I presented the framed illustration to my mother who has the very generous habit of re-gifting back to the giver.  So, I have no irises in my current garden but my own funny reminder of my amazing mother.

‘Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May.’

-William Shakespeare

(Special Thanks to Rosemarie Sonye Sprouls, writer for this post.)

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