June Illustrations — a Shell Game

June illustrations, with a nautical flair, are singing out urging pen to paper, and I must answer their call. Here are a sampling summer drawings I’ve done over the years.

Nautilus | June Illustrations

My favorite month is finally here. School will be out soon; the weather is turning beautiful; the sun is blazing.

June Illustrations | Sunglasses Don’t forget your shades on the way to the beach!

I’m blessed to have a small cottage at the Jersey Shore and am happiest while taking up summer residence here. This short post will feature seaside treasures that I have illustrated…

When I was a young illustrator, I was inspired to create this illustration on a few lazy summer afternoons —- Fantasy over the Sea:

Conch | June Illustrations

I had the pleasure of reading ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’ in high school. I was learning to surf at the time. Between spending time in the waves and Tahiti in my imagination, I became drawn to all things nautical. Here’s an illustration I created quite a few years ago for use on a restaurant menu:



A mundane application for a heroic image!

I produced the image below for the packaging of a product-line. It was a challenge to bring depth into the detailed nature of this crustacean carapace, the Nautilus:

Nautilus | June Illustrations

Another client of mine needed to picture a prize find: a giant pearl in an oyster. This one was tough to draw due to the complex structure of this sea creature’s shell, which is so irregular Pearl June Illustrations

I hope you’ve enjoyed these June Illustrations. I’ll write again as the summer unfolds… Smooth Sailing!

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