Random Sketches from Kevin Sprouls Illustration

By way of light summer fare, I present various random sketches from projects over the years.

Random Sketches - Lizard head Detail

When I was in art school, one of my professors (probably William “Woody” Woods) told us never to throw away preliminary sketches. Great advice, but, admittedly, giving rise to a pack-rat’s paradise— not always where you’d want live!

So I cut a deal with the domicile gods, and only saved the ones I liked, in an overstuffed “Sketches” folder. Here are some of the first ones I pulled out…

Random Sketches

Diamond | Random Illustrations


Now, I ask you: who would ever think that a diamond should be in the shape of a diamond? Believe it or not, my client did, and this was a real challenge to conjure up!

Ship in bottle sketch

Apparently, this sketch was from the late nineties, early internet days. I can’t imagine what the concept might have been. In hindsight, it does not strike one as an ingenious idea.

Sun Sketch

I ran through many sketches on this theme. Never did I imagine that a simple sun with a face could be a challenge —- but, it was. And this version was one of the most successful ones.

Random Sketch | Piggy Bank

A trifling sequence, likely for a bank of yesteryear.

Process Illustration | Hardening

I probably sketched this one for a small spot illustration for an excellent magazine called ‘Garden Design’ — also of yesteryear.

Lastly, part of a sketch I did for World Wildlife Fund. The finished illustration was in full-color and printed on a tee-shirt. The sketch:

Lizard Sketch Illustration

…and what it turned into – a Non-Sketch for my random sketches post!

Finished Art Lizard



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