Impromptu Sketches | A Web Curiosity Called “Penjive”

Several years ago, I decided to launch a regular feature on the web featuring random, impromptu sketches.

PenJive | Khemia


I would usually create these doodles after a day’s work while kicking back with a beverage. Here is a sketch in the making…

Kevin Sprouls | Artist Sketching

For the website, I needed a marquee into which I could easily slip an image. I would change the images out every other day…

PenJive Template | Impromptu Sketching

Above, the marquee design I came up with… and below, how it appeared with one of my quick sketches:

Impromptu Sketches | Bird Bath

Impromptu Sketches in a Series

Following are some of the impromptu sketches that were included in the series. I’m thinking of re-activating this fun little pop-up once my work schedule becomes less hectic!

PenJive | Mac Mini

A Mac Mini Sketch

Informal Sketch of Agave

Informal Sketch of Agave

Cigarette | Impromptu Sketch by Kevin Sprouls

A cigarette Sketch

Al-Khemia | PenJive

Al-Khemia doodle

Impromptu Sketch | Clouds

Informal exploration of clouds

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