Fashion Illustrations and Sketches for Esquire

Over the years, I’ve worked on fashion illustrations for several issues of Esquire Magazine. I enjoy doing magazine work, as I always find a broad audience of interested and new viewers.

Fashion Illustration | Watch

Fashion Thumbnail | Watch & Cigar

Fashion Sketches

To begin, here are a few fashion sketches I presented to the Art Director.

Fashion Sketches | Mile Runner

Fashion Sketch | Mile Runner

To get this sketch, I personally modeled the figures:

Fashion Model | Kevin Sprouls

Fashion Model | Kevin Sprouls

Next, the sketch of a natty old boot.

Fashion Sketch | Natty Boots

Fashion Sketch | Natty Boots

Fashion Illustrations

Now, some finished art that published:

Fashion Illustrations | Neckties

Fashion Illustrations | Neckties

‘Tying the Knot.’ Illustrating the proper way to tie your necktie.

The next illustrations indicate how to wear the appropriate watch in different social settings.

Fashion Illustration | Esquire Watches

Fashion Illustration | Esquire Watches One


Fashion Illustrations | Esquire Watches Two

Fashion Illustrations | Esquire Watches Two

I executed the finished illustrations in ink over watercolor. I drew the sketches with a black ball-point pen. I like the Cristal Bic medium point. More next time – hope you’ll subscribe!


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