Illustrations Taking Flight | Art takes to the air

This is the time of year for Airshows and for illustrations taking flight.

Flight Illustrations | Bird Thumbnail

A couple of weeks ago, it was Atlantic City. The New York Airshow wrapped up yesterday. My blog post today is dedicated to the art of taking to the air.

Natural Illustrations Taking Flight

Illustrations Taking Flight | B&W Fly

Here is a drawing I created for a children’s book. I gave ‘Mr. Fly’ the kind of mischievous expression I thought appropriate for this tiny creature!

Moving on to a less aggressive winged sort, here is a sensitive portrait of the head of a bird:

Illustrations of Flight | Bird Portrait

More ferocious is this bird of prey…

Flight Illustrations | Eagle

Mechanical Illustrations Taking Flight

Now, onto the mechanical flyers… below, a detail of a drawing I did as a Thank You gift to an advertiser in the Wall Street Journal.

Jets | Mechanical Flight Illustrations

Mechanical Flight Illustrations | American Eagle

One of a series I created for American Airlines. This image was complicated, as you can see! I had to create a city for this bird to fly over.

Fanciful Illustrations Taking Flight

Finally, a flying fantasy for the phone company. The original drawing was in b&w, for use as a full-page newspaper ad. I gave it some color. Note the 80’s era telephone— we’ve come a long way!

Phone taking Flight Illustration

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