Martha Stewart Illustrations | Christmas Pictures

Christmas in Pictures and Some Martha Stewart Illustrations

Martha Stewart Illustrations | Moon Thumb A Holiday Card From the Sprouls to You

My wife and me in a Holiday card, Rocking in the Season.

Christmas Card

Martha Stewart Illustrations from Christmas’s Past.

I’ve done a lot of “How-to” Illustration work for Martha Stewart Living over the years— Here are some featuring the Christmas Tree:

Martha Stewart Illustration | Pruning

Martha Stewart Illustration | Lights Finished


Martha Stewart Illustration | Exploded Finish

Martha Stewart Illustration | Christmas Tree

Christmas photos from Kevin Sproul’s Tree

While we are contemplating this arboreal symbol of the Season, I thought I would share some details from our own tree this year. Some of our favorites from over the years…

Christmas Photo | Black Sheep Ornament

When I was a youth, I was the proverbial “Black Sheep” of the family!

Christmas Picture | Gin

“…A Few of My Favorite things!” comes to mind.

Cataline Ornament | Christmas Tree Picture


A favorite sailboat of mine, and…

Christmas Ornament Picture | Ice Pop

…for a touch of whimsy.

Merry Christmas to You, One and All

I hope all of my readers will enjoy a very Peaceful and Happy Holiday. A Silent Night to You!

Christmas Illustration | Santa Moon


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