Honoring Colleagues with Employee Portraits

Employee portraits can boost company morale and prestige.

Employee Portraits


On my desk right now is a portrait drawing I’m working on for a Canadian company called Loyalty One. They have had a running campaign for several years in which valued employees are honored by having me create their portraits. These are produced in the hallmark Wall Street Journal hedcut style, with a twist: Each portrait drawing is embellished with a nameplate incorporated into the drawing. It’s interesting for me as I get to exercise my hand-lettering chops.

I created the first one (of many!) way back in 2010. Here is the photo-reference:

Portrait Photo Reference

I drew up a sketch to show the client my intentions…

Portrait Sketch After receiving approval on my design, I created the finished art. Here it is:

Kerr | Employee Portrait

Over the years, I have created many of these tribute portraits for Loyalty One.

Here are two more…

Merowitz | Employee Portrait

Morison | Employee Portrait

Having such a steady client is a very welcome arrangement in this Freelancer’s career!

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