Some Outside Magazine Cooking Illustrations

A few years ago, I was hired to create a few spots for Outside magazine cooking illustrations. The article to be illustrated was all about outdoor cooking.

Outside Magazine Cooking Illustrations

Meat Illustration is Challenging

The most challenging aspect of this assignment was the illustration of some cuts of meat. It was a pretty tricky business to get these culinary items to appear in a clear visual way. The cuts themselves can be rather bland-looking. Here’s how I tackled it:

Meat Sketch | Outside Magazine

The meat sketch, above, and the finished illustration, below…

Stipple Meat Illustration | Outside Magazine

Among the various images was a barbecue grill mounted on a shopping cart. Here is a sketch:

Cart Grill Illustration | Cooking Illustration

Food Illustration Sketches

Following are several food sketches I drew up for this article…

Food Sketches | Cooking Illustration

Food Sketches | Cooking Illustration

Food Sketches | Cooking Illustration

All the sketches went on to become finished art.

Outside Magazine Cooking Illustrations

Here is an example of a completed cooking illustration for the Outside magazine spot:

Stipple Produce Illustration | Cooking Illustration

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